Assemble Gift Baskets for Special People in Your Life

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  • When you are out and about doing your holiday shopping keep an eye out for small items that would fit into a gift basket. I love getting gift baskets myself. They are like huge grab bags and it’s such fun to examine each item in the basket. 

    Read the tips below and then continue on to view an excellent video on how to assemble gift baskets for a  truly superb gift for your family and friends.

    Here are a few tips to help you create the ultimate gift basket:

    Include a Book. Once you have a clear angle or theme for your gift basket, let a good book take it from there. Look in the book section or check Amazon for a book that matches the recipients’ interest and you’ll find dozens of options. Take a peek inside for tips and ideas. You might find ideas that you never would’ve thought to put in the basket. Or if the book happens to include projects, you may be able to buy your recipient the supplies needed to make one.

    Find Your Container. You can go with a traditional gift basket if you want (you can often find one for next to nothing at Goodwill), but challenge yourself to think outside the box. The containers can be very interesting. They don’t always have to be baskets. Tote bags, metal pails, ceramic or plastic planters, large soup mugs. Use a carpenter’s apron for small tools or a pot for kitchen utensils , you get the idea. You might want to try a garden apron, a hat or some other imaginative, decorative container for a gardener. Aim to make everything in the package useful in some way. If you plan thoughtfully, you can make sure your recipient will be able to use or reuse everything in the gift.

    Mix Essentials with Extras. As an example, if you’re going to put together a kitchen basket for a new cook, use a pasta pot and add an Italian cookbook. Along with basics like pasta and basil. add a utensil like a pasta fork or perhaps a plastic gadget for measuring pasta servings.

    Make It Interactive. This is the fun part—figuring out something that will get your recipient really involved. Include a recipe, DIY project, or add a personal coupon that could include you and the recipient working or shopping together for the project supplies. 

    Dress It Up. Here’s your final task: Make it pretty! You’ve taken the time and effort to gather wonderful items, so now add the finishing touches. Continue on and view the video on how to create the perfect gift basket that will have the recipient drooling with anticipation.

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    To view a really great video on how to make an outstanding gift basket continue reading. 

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