Daylilies – The Perfect Perennial

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  • If you’ve grown daylilies at all, you already know that daylilies are just about as perfect a plant as you can possibly get. Daylilies may be just about the easiest of  all flowering perennials to grow successfully. The plants grow quickly and are long lived. They thrive in almost any type of soil, will grow in sun or shade, and are rarely troubled by insect pests or disease.

    Along with all these wondful qualities, daylilies are known for their gorgeous variety of flower shapes and colors. Blooming starts in June and continues into early fall, with new blossoms opening every single day.

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      • homeandgardendigest

        They will. Daylilies will survive considerable drought, but for generous bloom they need ample water during their growing period. They like morning sun, and grow quite well. … Give them a good composted soil, and water regularly, and they will do well just about anywhere.

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