DIY Wok Bird Bath – An Interesting Way to Recycle

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  • This DIY Wok Bird Bath is a great way to recycle items while keeping our feathered friends happy at the same time. I always like projects that recycle items. I love to see the creativity and ingenuity displayed by people and it’s always an inspiration to me to create my own recycled items. It’s also helpful to put a bird bath in the center of your vegetable garden as they help control the pest population.

    Yard sales will be in full swing soon and there are always plenty of woks out there. Pick one up if you like this project and while you’re at it, look for a nice tall sturdy lamp base.

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    1. That is a perfect solution for your mother’s garden and looks wonderful, too. Another thing I’ve seen used is those big old-fashioned standing ash trays, since smoking isn’t as common as it used to be. I’ve been on the lookout for one myself.

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