Secrets on Getting a Christmas Cactus to Bloom

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  • My mother-in-law used to grow the most beautiful Christmas cactus plants. She had one that was thirty years old and it had a span of almost four feet. It’s a good thing she had a large home.  When it bloomed at Christmas time it was glorious! She had the schedule down to a Tee and it always bloomed exactly at Christmas time.

     Poinsettias are the most popular Christmas plant, but Christmas cactus runs a close second.  They are easy to care for and can be grown indoors throughout the year. They are a handsome plant even without the bloom.The flowers range in color from yellow, salmon, pink, fuchsia and white or combinations of those colors.

    If you have a Christmas cactus and have been trying to get it to bloom,click on the link below for all the information you need on getting a Christmas cactus to bloom.

    Christmas Cactus


    21 Comments to Secrets on Getting a Christmas Cactus to Bloom

    1. Beautiful! I am trying to get Poinsettias to bloom from the ones I kept from last year. I was told to plant them outside in pots. I have dug them up and going to put in dark place. Do I water them while in dark place?

    2. Is it too late to put the cactus in a dark room or closet.
      I had no problem replanting my pointsetta they grew well outdoors
      Now that I live on east coast .I kept it inside .did ok but small leaves .

    3. I put mine outside in early summer when all chance of frost is over. I put it under a shrub so that it is protected but gets enough sunlight and rain over the summer. I bring it inside in late summer to early fall. It usually starts producing buds shortly after I bring it in and blooms for quite awhile.

    4. I don’t give my Christmas cactus any special treatment at all. My Mother had a large one and I still have one from that one. My Christmas cactus always bloom around Christmas. One in the livingroom and one in my kitchen.

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