Hang Some Easter Bonnets From Your Shepherds Crook

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  • Easter will be here before you know it! Here is a fun idea you can use for your shepherds crook. Hang some Easter Bonnets from your shepherds crook and you’ll be right in the festive Easter spirit.

    Easter bonnets can be purchased at the dollar store very inexpensively. Plant up a pot of bulbs, insert the pot into the hat and that’s all there is to it except the hanging of the bonnet. If it’s too cold in your area for real flowers, use silk spring flowers instead of the real thing.

    straw hat planter

    Thread some twill tape or rope through the bottom of the hat and the holes in the pot for hanging. Plant the pot with real or silk flowers. Add some Easter decorative items if you desire and hang the bonnet.

    This is a simple project that really doesn’t need directions, but if you’d like to see some photos of how it’s done, click on the source listed in RED below. While you’re there check out many other interesting projects shown on this site.

    Source: Sow and Dipity.com     

    Featured image source: Sow and Dipity.com   

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