How to Make a Clay Pot Wreath

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  • Now that Spring is on the horizon (what can I say, I’m an optimist!), why not welcome it into your home with a Clay Pot Wreath. If it’s still too cold in your area to set out plants, fill with silk plants until warmer weather arrives. This wreath is going to be heavy, even using small pots. If the weight is going to be a problem, consider using plastic pots in terra cotta colors

    How to Make a Clay Pot Wreath


    10″ or 12″ wicker wreath form
    Moss of your choice
    Your choice of 4 small cactus plants
    Four – 4″ clay pots, these will hold the cactus
    14-16 of the 2″ pots
    6 – 8 of the tiny 1″ craft clay pots 
    Heavy gauge wire (I used 16g.)
    Wire cutters


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