How to Make Apple Cinnamon Crepes Recipe and Video

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  • Being of French Canadian descent, one of the first foods I remember eating were flapjacks. These were large hearty pancakes made with crepe (but I didn’t know it was crepe batter back then) batter. They were a staple in lumberjack camps as they were carb loaded and very filling. This is also on of the first foods I learned to cook. 

    It wasn’t until years later that I became acquainted with crepes. I couldn’t believe this elegant, delicate food was just a very thin flapjack. And to make it even more wonderful, I already knew how to make them!

    People often think there’s a mystique to making a perfect crepe. That is total nonsense. If I could make them at the age of 8, anyone can make crepes with a little practice.

    Click on the next page link below for the recipe for apple cinnamon crepes  and a video lesson on how to make a basic crepes.

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