How to Turn a Tee Shirt into a Hoodie

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  •  I’ve always enjoyed sewing clothes for my children when they were small. It was such fun for them to have clothes made exactly the way they wanted them in colors and fabrics they chose themselves. Once they grew up I stopped making clothes but now that the quality of clothing is so bad and the choices are limited to what’s in vogue, I’ve gone back to using my sewing machine.

    If you love wearing hoodies and are looking for a more cost effective way to add some of these comfy clothing pieces to your wardrobe, then this DIY activity will let you turn ordinary tees into an awesome hooded shirt. This tee shirt turned hoodie is a good example of how you can easily customize your clothing. Choose a terrific tee you really like and then add a co-coordinating hood and you’ll have an item of clothing that only you will have. This is an easy project and if you can sew a straight stitch you can make this tee shirt hoodie.

    With the amount of plain t-shits most people have lying around their closets, what better way to utilize those shirts than to turn a tee shirt into a hoodke making them into a completely new piece of clothing? 


    • a sewing machine
    • scissors
    • tape measure
    • straight pins
    • marking chalk
    • 2 tee shirts
    • long shoe lace


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