Plant This Living Succulent Hanging Ball

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  • When I think of hanging floral balls, kissing balls and wedding roses balls come to mind. We are used to seeing those every year and it surprises me when I see a different type of floral ball. This living succulent hanging ball is fun to plant and watch grow. There is such a variety of succulent plants you’ll never see another like the one you create.

    To learn how to create the living succulent hanging ball and to see a live video on how to plant this sphere, click on the next page link below:

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      • homeandgardendigest

        Since I live in the North, I bring it inside in the winter Gaylene. During the winter,put it near the brightest window in your house. … Succulents grow natively in soil without a lot of nutrients, so you don’t have to worry about fertilziing it. It will survive nicely with just some minimum watering.

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