Make the Perfect Deviled Egg

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  • We have never had a holiday buffet table without serving deviled eggs. After all, who doesn’t love deviled eggs? I know in our family there’s never a worry about what to do with leftover deviled eggs. I’ve been making deviled eggs for many years and have tweaked this recipe more times than I can recall. 
    Photo: Flicker/Anne Swoboda

    Photo: Flicker/Anne Swoboda

    Here’s a fun photo I saw recently. If you have the patience and want to be creative, this would be perfect for your holiday buffet.
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        • homeandgardendigest

          Carmen, I mention in the directions that I use baking soda but some people prefer the use of vinegar over baking soda when cooking eggs for easier peeling. However, for clarification, I put vinegar in the ingredient list. Thanks for mentioning this might be confusing.

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