One Minute Mug Chocolate Cake Microwave Mix

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  • You’re home alone, the kids are out, you’ve got a minute to put your feet up, and you want a quick fix snack. That’s when you reach for this quick and easy One Minute Mug Chocolate Cake Microwave Mix. I like to keep a container of this handy in my kitchen for times when I just want to curb a craving for something sweet.

    Now I realize some people don’t like microwaves, and others don’t like using box mixes, but I try to have all types of recipes on this site to please a variety of tastes. This is an excellent mix to keep in your cupboard for a quick sugar fix when the mood strikes. It makes a very tasty and satisfying snack you can garnish with whatever you happen to have on hand, from sprinkles to whipped cream.

    Put up your feet and enjoy your short-lived moment home alone.

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