Autumn is Time to Prune Your Roses

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  • Autumn is the perfect time to prune your roses. Pruning is an important step in the growing of beautiful healthy roses. By pruning roses you help them stay healthy through the winter. When the blooming season comes around next year, your plants will be robust and loaded with gorgeous full blooms.¬†

    Since there are two types of roses and each one has different pruning needs, I’ve assembled a set of videos describing the correct way to prune each type of rose. Be sure to watch the videos at the end of this¬†section.

    Photo: Flicker/Creative Commons

    Photo: Flicker/Creative Commons

    Click on the next page link below to see a pictorial tutorial on how to prune your roses for spectacular bloom next spring. There is also a series of videos on how to prune both rose bushes and tea roses that you won’t want to miss.

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      • homeandgardendigest

        Prune knock out roses in late winter or early spring,Lavone, while the plant is still dormant. Remove any dead or damaged wood, do a little shaping if necessary, and take out some of the interior stems to improve air circulation.

      • homeandgardendigest

        The best time to transplant a rose is in the early spring when the rose is still dormant. This will cause less stress and shock to the plant. Wait until all threat of frost or freezing weather has passed. Cut the rose canes back to 10-12 inches and remove all foliage, if there is any.

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