Recycle Denim Pockets for Everyday Use

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  • I hate waste and having to throw things away. Since my husband lives in jeans, when I saw this project I was ready to make it immediately. This is just what I need to hold all those little odds and ends of tools and supplies I use in my quilting room. This wall hanging would also be useful in a numerous places such as an office, mudroom, craft room, or even a garage. I can even see it in a rustic bathroom holding all types of cosmetics and personal products.

    This project only requires straight stitching skills and is easy to make. Thanks to the Cloth Paper Scissors team for this really fun project. If you like this project, be sure to visit their site listed below and have a look around to see many more interesting ideas.

    Here are the directions for making the Patched Pocket Panel


    • Nine 8″ x 8″ cotton fabric squares
    • ¾ yard cotton fabric for backing and hanging sleeve (if desired)
    • 9 pockets from formerly loved jeans
    • 25″ square of batting
    • Thread, denim (or size 90/14) machine needle, acrylic ruler, cutting mat, rotary cutter




    Fo a complete photo tutorial and instructions, visit the source listed below:

    Source: Cloth Paper

    Original Pattern from Stitch Magazine

    All photos copyright of their respective source unless otherwise noted.


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