A Dozen Really Useful Ways to Recycle Old Sweaters

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  • Now that winter has come and we’re checking through our sweater collection for cold weather wear, don’t be so quick to discard stained, stretched and just no longer liked sweaters.  You can use the fabric in other ways to make something useful. As I searched the ‘Net I was surprised at the creativity level when it came to recyling old sweaters. Watch the video at the end to see how easy it is to make mittens from sweaters even if you can’t sew a stitch! 

    I’m listing 12 of the items I liked, but there are many more ways to use no longer useful sweaters. You probably don’t feel like working with sweaters and wool right now, but look at the listing and photos and print off any project that might appeal to you. Set the sweater aside with the pattern and come fall, you’ll be ready to recycle your sweaters. Many of these projects will make great Christmas gifts come next fall!

    Click the link below to start your recyling journey into the world of discarded sweaters.

    Projects Using Discarded Sweaters


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