Sew a Pillow Cover in Just 10 Minutes!

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  • When I learned to make pillow covers I was taught to cut 3 pieces of fabric. One piece was used for the front of the pillow and 2 half pieces for the back. The half pieces had the raw edges turned under and sewn and then all three pieces were sewn together to make a pillow cover. I learned this technique many years ago and never thought to change it.

    Then I saw this tutorial on how to sew a pillow cover in just 10 minutes using 1 piece of fabric. My time was cut by more than half and I’ve since been making pillow covers whenever I see a piece of fabric I like. I never hesitate because of the time involved and I love all the new changeable covers I have on hand. Now you can quickly make pillow covers for every season and holiday using this 10 minute technique.

    Photo: Flicker/Hey Paul Studios

    Photo: Flicker/Hey Paul Studios


    How to Make a Pillow Cover Using Only 1 Piece of Fabric

    As you can see from the photo below, it’s very easy to make a pillow cover from just one piece of fabric. The only sewing to be done is along each side and it really does take only 10 minutes to make a cover. I made 3 pillow covers in under 30 minutes.

    Note from Gloria: If leaving a raw edge unsewn bothers you, sew the edge. It’s your project and it doesn’t take that much more time to sew it down.

    For more instructions, check out the original source for this project with step-by-step photographs, and helpful tips on choosing the best pillow forms, as well as many other interesting project ideas at the source listed below: 

    Source: Creekline

    Featured image source: Flicker/Wicker Paradise

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