Tree Pruning – Why, When and How

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  •  Don’t let this season go by without checking to see if your trees could be improved with a bit of pruning. Pruning is not difficult and could make the difference between having a nice tree and an outstanding tree.

    Tree Pruning – Why, When and How

    When to Prune Trees

    For all of you who pull out the clippers and loppers right after Christmas, don’t! Most trees will come out healthier on the other end if you wait until after the coldest part of winter has passed, but before vigorous growth starts in early spring. For most people that’s February to March.

    How to Prune Large Trees

    Short answer? Don’t. Large trees need an arborist or tree trimming service for both safety and health of the tree.

    How to Prune Small Trees

    You prune decorative garden trees for two reasons… First, is to improve the health of the tree. Pruning creates more compact and healthy growth, and opens up the crown for good air circulation. Second, to improve the appearance of the tree.

    To prune a small tree for health, first you want to remove any dead or unhealthy branches. Now prune for shape and size. Step back and look at your tree, and know what it’s natural shape should be. For instance, is it a weeping tree, or a graceful vase shape? Make sure you remove branches that are interfering with the shape you want your tree to take. Check out this photo for some guidance.


    Photo source:  the garden

    Prune your trees at the right time, with the right technique. It will improve their curb appeal, their flowering and fruiting, and their health. It’s not hard, just take it one cut at a time!

    Check out the original source for this project with step-by-step photographs, and helpful tips as well as many other interesting project ideas at the source listed in RED below: 

    Source: the garden

    For a live demo of how to correctly prune trees for health and physical appearance, be sure to watch this excellent video.

    Featured image source: Creative Commons

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